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Ridged Trigger For G-Series GBB (BLACK/RED)

Item No:GLK-84(BK/RED)
Price: USD$12.00

AMG Hammer Spring for VFC/Umarex HK416/M4 GBB (Winter Use)

Item No:AV-416-05
Price: USD$11.00

Original Type Nozzle Housing For MARUI G18C GBB

Item No:GLK-131(B)
Price: USD$20.00

Blueguns- SIG MCX Rifle Firearm Simulator

Price: ASK

Blueguns- Glock 17 Gen.5 Firearm Simulator (Real Weight Ver.)

Item No:BG-FSG17G5W
Price: ASK

Matrix Series No. Tag for MARUI M&P 9 (TYPE A/Black)

Item No:M&P9-42(A)BK
Price: USD$6.00

Enhanced Piston Head Set for MARUI HI-CAPA GBB

Item No:CAPA-42
Price: USD$5.00

A-PLUS Precision Inner Barrel & HOP-UP Set- For KWA AR15/AR10/MEGA/MASADA/416D (270mm)

Item No:A-KWG-BH-270
Price: ASK

Magazine Gas Injection Valve (For KJ/WE/VFC)

Item No:GAS-01
Price: USD$10.00

Light Weight Nozzle Housing For HI-CAPA 5.1/4.3

Item No:CAPA-41(A)
Price: USD$14.00

G-Series GBB Magazine Base (Pink)

Item No:GLK-105(P)
Price: USD$15.00

Original Frame for MARUI G26/KJ G27 (USA Ver. Robin Egg Blue)

Item No:GLK-97(REB)
Price: USD$50.00

Steel CNC Takedown Lever for MARUI M&P9

Item No:M&P9-33(BK)
Price: USD$66.00

Aluminum Kit for MARUI M9 GBB Early Type -2018 New Version (Desert Storm/Black)

Item No:M92F-05(B)BK
Price: USD$170.00

Original Type Nozzle Housing For MARUI M&P9 GBB

Item No:M&P9-38(B)
Price: USD$20.00

G4 Uniform Anti-Snatch Duty Holster (GLOCK-19)

Item No:G4-G19(A)
Price: ASK

Airtight Rubber for MARUI M&P9/USP/HK45

Item No:M&P9-01
Price: USD$3.00

Airtight Rubber for MARUI HI-CAPA 5.1/4.3

Item No:CAPA-11
Price: USD$3.00

UMAREX SAA-S 6mm CO2 Full Metal Handgun

Price: ASK

Light Weight Nozzle Housing For MARUI M&P9 GBB

Item No:M&P9-38(A)
Price: USD$20.00

Stainless Spring Cap for TM HI-CAPA Golden Match 5.1 (Ti-Coating)

Item No:CAPA-01(GD)
Price: USD$16.00

Recoil Buffer for KSC/VFC/WE M4 GBB (2018 New Version)

Item No:AR-40
Price: USD$24.00

KJ CZ75 SP-01 ACCU Custom Gas Blowback (Black)

Item No:KJ-SP-01-ACCU(BK)
Price: ASK

KJ KP-13C Gas Blowback Gun- Black

Item No:KJ-KP-13C-MS.GAS(BK)
Price: ASK

Steel Night Sight for MARUI M&P9 (WHITE)

Item No:M&P9-32(WHITE)
Price: USD$50.00

Steel Threaded Outer Barrel for WA/KWC MINIUZI GBB (14mm Negative)

Item No:UZI-08
Price: USD$50.00

Duty Belt Keepers (Black)

Item No:BK-01(BK)
Price: USD$14.00

21"-26" Baton Duty Scabbard

Item No:BH-02C
Price: USD$16.00

6.02 inner Barrel with Chamber Set for TM P226/P226 E2

Item No:P226-36
Price: USD$50.00

6.02 inner Barrel with Chamber Set for TM G17/18C/22 -2018 New Version

Item No:GLK-123
Price: USD$50.00

High Precision Made-0.25g BB Pellets (4000 rounds, Bag)

Item No:BB-25(BAG)
Price: ASK

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