14mm Anti-Clockwise to Clockwise Silencer Attachment
Item No:AD-01 Price:USD$24.00
Item No:AD-02 Price:USD$24.00
 AUG SMG Version Adaptor (14mm negative)
Item No:AUG-02 Price:USD$24.00
 MC51 Adaptor (14mm positive)
Item No:G3-01 Price:USD$24.00
 MC51 Adaptor (14mm Negative)
Item No:G3-02 Price:USD$24.00
 Threaded Claw Mount Adaptor for G-3/MC-51 Series
Item No:G3-04 Price:USD$36.00
 M4A1 Steel Front Section Barrel (14mm Negative)
Item No:M16-02(B) Price:USD$50.00
 M16A2/A3/A4 Steel Front Section Barrel (14mm Negative) 
Item No:M16-04(B) Price:USD$50.00
 M4A1 Aluminum Front Section Barrel (14mm Negative)
Item No:M16-12(B) Price:USD$30.00
 MP5 Adaptor
Item No:MP5-02 Price:USD$15.00
 MP-5 Claw Mount Adaptor
Item No:MP5-03 Price:USD$30.00
 Threaded adaptor for AE/ICS MP5
Item No:MP5-04 Price:USD$30.00
 MP-5 to HK94 Conversion Outer Barrel
Item No:MP5-06 Price:USD$60.00
 Threaded Adaptor for MP5K/PDW (For GUARDER Front Sight)
Item No:MP5-12 Price:USD$36.00
 Threaded Adaptor for MP5K/PDW (For MARUI Front Sight)
Item No:MP5-13 Price:USD$36.00